30,000 Suburi Challenge

The 30,000 Suburi Challenge is a challenge to all Kendoko, regardless as to whether they are a beginner, senior, in bogu, on no bogu! The only requirement is that you are willing, able and committed to doing the following challenge:

1,000 Suburi EVERY day for the next 30-days (11 September to 10 October 2016) that will accumulate to 30,000 saburi!

Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  • 1,000 Suburi to be done within a 24-hrs period;
  • Any Suburi is acceptable (men, kote, do);
  • The challenge can be done at your own pace (fast, slow, etc…);
  • PROPER Suburi is encourage with correct footwork and counting-kiai (unless there are valid reasons for not being able to do so);
  • The Suburi can be broken down into any segments to suit your schedule, but must equate to 1,000 at the end of each day (e.g. 500 in the morning, 250 at lunch, 250 at dinner);
  • If you miss a day’s 1,000 Suburi, it will rollover to the next day (i.e. You will do 2,000 Suburi the next day). If you missing it a 2nd time, the accumulated total will rollover to the next day (i.e. 3,000 the following day);
  • You can only skip up to a maximum of 3 consecutive days. Thereafter, you are required to exit from the challenge by notifying the SAKF;
  • If you only do 800 in the one day, the FULL 1,0000 will rollover to the next day;
  • Normal Kendo class training DOES NOT count towards to 1,000 Suburi per day;
  • All challengers are to post to the Facebook group event at least 3 times a week of a picture/video/comment/status of them regarding the challenge.  Event address is: www.facebook.com/events/1658543494474594/
  • If you are not a Facebook user, you are to post to this blog on the  SAKF website (at least 3 times a week);
  • All challengers are to be included in a WhatsApp group which will help motivate everyone in keep with the challenge for the next 30 days;
  • The honour-system will be in place. No one is there to ensure that you are doing your 1,000 Suburi everyday in earnest. You will hold yourself accountable and will be expected to be truthful in this challenge;
  • Challengers who are successful will be presented with a certificate of participation at the 2016 International Kendo Seminar in October. If you are not present at the seminar, it will be sent to you via mail;
  • Please mail info@sakf.co.za with your full name, contact details and dojo name to confirm your participation (latest by 10 September 2016).

Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done”. Join us and let’s make the impossible, POSSIBLE!



  1. Day 1
    1000 completed, I prepared by picking creating a Suburi challenge playlist – Day 1: Bullet for my Valentine-Fever. Completed during my study break, feeling great!!!

  2. Day 3 : Done. Not easy.. but what helps me focus is having the bigger picture of 30k in mind and the daily target of 1000 and, for me, always chasing the next set of 50. Everyday we get to strike off another 1000 .. and in my case, slowly but surely :-). Hats off to those who can do the 1000 in 30mins :-) good luck and stay strong

  3. Day 4 : 350 in the morning, and the rest after kendo class. Hardest set so far but feeling the most proud of this one for the sheer perseverance factor 😉

  4. Day 4 : 1000 Suburi Done. Hands are starting to feel the strain now. The aspect in my life that I wish to control better is to build and maintain relationships with people who will impact my life positively.

  5. I have been tracking my progress on an Excel spreadsheet. It seemed like a good idea at the time as it allows me to track my progress to a very granular level…..but now I don’t know how to report my progress to the group. Id like to entire spreadsheet to be visible to the group. To the best of my knowledge Facebook does not support Excel documents. Any ideas?

    1. You scan screenshot the spreadsheet and post the picture to the group. However, you must still post at least 3 times a week.

  6. Day 5: 1000 Suburi done. I must admit that today was the hardest day so far, not physically but mentally. It was hard to concentrate but I pushed through it.

  7. Day 7: 7000 done:) I’m so proud of everyone that’s doing the challenge, I personally feel it’s more a mental challenge, enabling you to be committed and disciplined in your practice. I certainly have no regrets doing this challenge, I am extremely excited about how much it has helped me improve on my technique 👍🏼. Tish is definitely enjoying the battle scars (Blisters and sore arms) 😁.

  8. Day 8: What an awesome day to do 1000 cuts:) clouds, rain and cold😁. Great start to a new week:) All done for the day.

  9. RE T&C for challenge:
    Are we allowed to do one or two days in advance when we know that we will be unable to complete the quota on a given day? This will be proactive in managing forced catchup of up to 3 000 where days have been ‘skipped’.

  10. Day 9: 1000 Suburi done. It seems that my cuts have become a lot quicker as I am starting to use the right muscles and proper technique.

  11. Day 9: My arms and hands are feeling it today, I am
    changing the routine to kirikaeshi for a few days🤗, 100 all done.

  12. Day 10: 1000 done:) My focus doesn’t lie with completing the challenge but rather with enjoying the journey of the challenge by dedicating time to improve my kendo😊.

  13. Day 14: done. After a few days I started to get bored, but now I see it as a time of reflection and this keeps me going.

  14. Day 20 done. The most challenging day was today. Worked a 15 hour shift after only 3 hours of sleep the previous night, got home at 22:30 and then completed my 1000 Suburi for today.

  15. 22 Days done. I haven’t posted on the Blog or the FB page for quite some time. I have some catching up to do.

    Quick recap…Thus far I have only missed one day of suburi and had to catch up the following day. I counted 7 blisters which have now turned into beautiful calluses. In terms of progress. Prior to the challenge I could hardly do 200 suburi. I could do no more than 30 Katate men. My first day took me something like 01h45m to complete. 22 days later I somehow managed to do 2000 consecutive men cuts at a slow pace in 46 minutes. I now do 1000 consecutive suburi every night in an average time of 25 minutes with 20 minutes being my best. I can now do 100 katate men.

    Victory is within the mile :)

  16. Day 28 done. I think the 30k Suburi challenge does embody the concept of kendo. It has helped me to improve my concentration. This challenge has also improved my kendo as my cuts seem to be faster and stronger.

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