President’s Report 2012 (By Buster Sefor)


I am happy to report that 2012 was a significant improvement over 2011. Attendance showed a marked improvement, both our Annual and Summer Seminars were well attended and we had a significant increase in membership. Our finances are in good shape and I must thank the Executive Committee for the hard work they have done on your behalf during the year. Details will be presented in the various portfolio reports.


Highlights of the Year:

Once again we were privileged to welcome Ajiro sensei, Irii sensei and Ishimaru sensei from Japan to lead our Summer Seminar. Joining them were Tscherter sensei and Kumpf sensei from Europe. We were also pleased to again welcome the delegation from Mozambique together with Suenaga sensei. For the first time in SAKF history, we had 6 senseis, 7th dan and higher as a grading panel. This meant that we could grade to 5th dan level. History was made when Ray Fleming passed his 5th dan examination. Also Warren Ho passed his 4th dan examination. In both the Annual Seminar and Summer Seminar 56 members passed their kyu grade test and 18 passed their dan grade test.

The South African Open kendo Championship was won by Mitchel Kyle; 2nd was Brendan Dateling and joint 3rd were Adam Cullen and Fernando Witbooi.

We sent a team of 6 to compete in the World Kendo Championships in Novara, Italy. Once again we were unable to progress beyond the preliminary round, However it was noticeable that the standard of world kendo had improved significantly and some countries are getting close to the Japanese standard.

Your President attended both the board meetings of the International Kendo Federation and the European Kendo Federation.



We continue our membership of MASA. We are now part of the Japanese block comprising kendo, aikido and jujitsu. Your president is chairman of the block.

SASCOC has become proactive in all sporting codes, including MASA. MASA has had to rewrite its constitution and set up Provincial structures to fall in line with SASCOC requirements for affiliation. Soon it seems, SASCOC will require all affiliated members to be active in all 9 provinces. This is going to be a challenge for the SAKF that we must start working on. It was reported that the Lotto has allocated R3 million to MASA for its development and distribution to its members. The funds have not yet materialised and your president is in regular contact with MASA in this regard.


Other Items

The membership promotion through Groupon has been a great success with over 100 enquiries. It is important that we track the fall out rate over a 6 month and 12 month period and the Development Director will do this.

Warren Ho and his team are to be congratulated for producing and marketing our excellent SAKF calendar for 2013.

A number of very successful workshops and inter dojo competitions were held during the year.

Ray Fleming participated in the Rickmansworth seminar under the leadership of Sumi sensei and Andre Coetzer attended the Kitamoto Summer Camp in July.



Trials were held on 10th February to select the team to participate in the EKF Championships in Berlin during April The SAKF Annual Seminar and Open Competition will be held on the 16th & 17th March. 4 inter-dojo competitions are planned.

We have nominated two members to attend the Kitamoto Summer Camp during July.

We once again expect to welcome Ajiro sensei, Irii sensei and Ishimaru senei in October for our Summer Seminar.

We will soon advertise on Groupon for our next intake of beginners.