Mushin Interdojo Shia – 11 April (Saturday)

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The Mushin Kendo Dojo Interdojo Shiai will take place at the @ the Garsfontein Community Centre, Keeshond street, Pretoria.

The program for the day is as follows:

No. Estimated Time Item

1 08h30 Registration and Drawing of Pools

2 09h00 Administration of Pools and Welcoming

3 09h15 Dan Shiai competition – Pool Rounds

4 10h00 5 minute break

5 10h05 Dan Shiai competition – Knockout Round 1

6 10h25 Dan Shiai competition – Knockout Round 2

7 10h35 5 minute break

8 10h40 Dan Shiai competition – Semi Finals

9 10h50 5 minute break

10 10h55 Dan Shiai competition – Final

11 11h00 10 minute break

12 11h10 Kyu Shiai competition – Pool Rounds

13 12h10 5 minute break

14 12h15 Kyu Shiai competition – Knockout Round 1

15 12h35 Kyu Shiai competition – Knockout Round 2

16 12h55 5 minute break

17 13h00 Kyu Shiai competition – Semi Finals

18 13h10 5 minute break

19 13h15 Kyu Shiai competition – Final

20 13h20 10 minute break

16 13h30 Beginners competition – Pool Rounds

17 13h45 5 minute break

18 13h50 Beginners competition – Final

19 14h00 10 minute break

20 14h10 Awards and Closing

21 14h25 Comments from Shimpan

Hope to see you, your friends and your family there!

P.s. All SAKF members who attend the Shiai, either as a competitor, court staff or spectator, will receive one “ATTENDANCE CREDIT”, which will add up to a surprise ‘something’ at the end of the year! So, be sure to register your name with the organizers on the day!

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