Rivonia Kendo Dojo Interdojo Shiai + Grading + National Team Send-Off on 9 May

RKC Interdojo Shiai

The Rivonia Kendo Club invites all SAKF members to their inaugural Shiai Event on the 9th May at the Rivonia Sports Club, 7 Achter Road, Paulshof.

There will be 4 events on the day, each with the following format:

  1. Interdojo Three Person Team Competition (3 hours):
  • Teams to be comprised of three persons with at least one kyu grade per team
  • Maximum 5 teams per dojo
  • Competition will consist of a pool round and then knockouts / semi-finals / finals
  • Each team is to appoint a team captain to manage fighting orders on the day
  • There is a competition entry fee of R120 per team (i.e. R40 per person).
  • There will be some “ronin” teams, so if there are additional members who wish to participate, please let us know.
  1. SA Team versus Ronin 6-Person Team Competition :

Slight change in plans for this event.

The SA National Team will take on a 6-person team that will be selected by the members of the SAKF EXCO.

The intention is to give the SA National Team one final team event that will them to prepare for the WKC16.

Members of this Ronin 6-Person team will be selected by the SAKF EXCO and will comprise of SAKF members that are already taking part in the 3-person competition held earlier.  Ther must be at least one female fighter in this team too, as the SA National Team will also have one female.

Good luck to those who are selected!

  1. Kyu and Dan Grading (1h30):
  • Kyu grade competition from 8th Kyu to 1st Kyu
  • Dan grade competition from 1st Dan to 3rd Dan
  1. Farewell for the SA National Team:
  • Drinks in the bar area
  • Snacks will be supplied by Rivonia Kendo Club.


FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE MAIL: info@rivoniakendo.co.za

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