SA Kendo Senior Council

SA Kendo Senior Council (SAKSC)

Kendo has become a martial arts that is practiced by numerous nations around the world. However, as globalised as kendo has become, it still holds on to its very traditional samurai-roots, and pays homage to its ancient past in its practise and philosophy.

Kendo, therefore teaches us never to forget our past and respect what had come before us.

The SA Kendo Senior Council (SAKSC) was formed with the intention of recognising those SA kendo community members who had contributed to the development of SA Kendo over the past 25 years. They will now also play a vital role in the future of SA Kendo development.

The Senior Council currently consists of 3 members, namely Buster SEFOR (7th dan, Renshi), Tony HUGHES (6th dan) and Ray FLEMING (5th dan). All three members had served in the SAKF EXCO in various positions, as well as been sensei’s at the various dojo’s during the Kendo formative years. It is due to their skill, knowledge and passion for Kendo that we had progressed to where we are today, and as such, pay respect to their contributions by making them our inaugural members of the SAKSC.

As senior council members, they are the trusted members within our community to which we at the SAKF EXCO can turn to in times of need for advice and guidance.

It is with great honour and deep gratitude that I welcome Buster sensei, Tony sensei and Ray sensei into the SAKSC.


Warren Ho (SAKF President): 2016-06-28


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