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2016 SAKF International Seminar

2016 SAKF International Kendo Seminar Feedback (14-16 Oct 2016)

The Annual SAKF International Kendo Seminar was held last weekend (14-16 Oct 2016) at the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting Road Campus in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With sensei’s and participants from 10 different countries, this was indeed an international seminar of note! Sensei’s and participants came from Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Namibia, Mozambique and the United Kingdom. In total there were 71 participants and 7 sensei’s.

The weekend’s agenda was jam-packed with 4 different groups of participants with 2 sensei’s per groups, spread across 2 dojo’s. Each group had their allocated sensei’s for the weekend, however, for some activities, the sensei’s got to revolved around each group.

The objective of this year’s seminar, as well as the general objective that was set earlier in the year, was to start making SA kendo faster and more skilful in competitions, yet still maintaining a high technical standard. With Uwe Kumpf Sensei as the delegation leader, he did not disappoint. Pulling in the Kendo experience of both the French and Finish, Thibault De Bonneville sensei and Markus Frey sensei, respectively, give our local African kenshi a taste of what their respective national teams are subjected to on a regular basis! Fast, powerful and deadly accurate, the methods of training the familiar kendo strikes have now been taken to the next level!

As an added bonus, late-comer to the delegation, Hongjum Lee sensei also brought her unique Korean flair to the mix, which complimented the European kendo style very well.

For those without bogu, or those who are still at the beginning stages of their bogu-kendo life, there was an emphasis on kihon (basics) and kata under the instruction of Nobuo Moriya Sensei, Buster Sefor Sensei and Kazuko Kumpf Sensei.

The seminar also included practical shimpan training and 3 shiai competitions for those in bogu. The 1st was an individual shiai for kyu grades up to shodans in bogu. The 2nd was also an individual shiai for 2nd and 3rd dans. Lastly for 4th dans and up, there was a “kachinuki” styled team competition (i.e. a type of match where the team member keeps fighting as longs as he keeps winning). The results of the various competitions are as follows:

Kyu Grade to Shodan Competition: (1) R Dykes (Ken Yu Kai); (2) T Mabokela (Ken Yu Kai); (3) L Ntshabeleng (Ken Yu Kai) & R Rosão (AKIMO)

Nidan & Sandan Competition: (1) M Price (San Kawa); (2) G Maddison (San Kawa); (3) M Grice (Ken Yu Kai) & A Shamu (Mushin)

Kachinuki team Competition: Team A (W Ho; P Courteille; H Son; B Dateling) Beat Team B (C Stuart; A Sakata; C Jacques; E Knight)

Well done to all!

On the final day of the seminar, a grading up to 5th dan was conducted. The results are as follows:

Shamu Anesu  – MUSHIN
Price Matthew  – SKKD
Pedro Leonid  – AKIMO
Grice Michael  – KENYUKAI

Ingle Andrew – KENSHIN
Ma Tsz Him Bryan  – MUSHIN
Dykes Richard  – KENYUKAI
Augusto  da Silva – AKIMO

Kraft Aidan  – SKKD
Issel Ramiz  – KENYUKAI
Vos Angelique  – KENSHIN
Giani Toni  – KENYUKAI
Pienaar André  – NAMIBIA

Sean Pauwels -KENSHIN
Emille Odendaal- MUSHIN
Carlos Serra- AKIMO

Caitlynne Collender – KENYUKAI
Logann Naidoo – RKC

Melvern Matthew – SKKD
Johann Venter – KENSHIN
Hiren Makkan – KENYUKAI
Sifiso Msibi -MUSHIN

Bernard Cloete – MUSHIN
Alexander Kent – KENYUKAI
Roedolf Walker – MUSHIN
Marc Labuschagne – MUSHIN
Morné Stephan du Toit – MUSHIN
Ezra Smollan – RKC
Remelda Munien – RKC

Lex Anderson Gruver – KENYUKAI
Brookstone Bridget – KENYUKAI
Jody-Lee Loubser – RKC
Matt Van Der Westhuizen – SKKD
Ann Brookstone – KENYUKAI
Gavin Brookstone – KENYUKAI

Thomas Lee Gruver – KENYUKAI
Tish Bagwathpersad – SKKD
Liz De Jongh – KENYUKAI
Daniël Petrus Steyn – MUSHIN

Devin Anton Dreyer – MUSHIN
Jean Coetzer – MIDRAND
February Jerome – SKKD

That evening the traditional sayonara party was held in the trendy suburb of Melville, marking the conclusion of a very successful weekend of Kendo.

On behalf of the SAKF, I would like to thank all the sensei’s and participants for once again supporting our event and SA Kendo.

Furthermore, I would like to thank each member of the Organising Committee who tirelessly gave their time and effort before, during and even after the seminar, to ensure that everything would run smoothly and successfully.

It is through this continual support in the spirit of collaboration and co-operation will we be able to take our kendo to the next level and beyond!

Till next year, keep training hard! GAMBATE!


Warren Ho

SAKF President

21 October 2016

2016 SAKF International Kendo Seminar

The 2016 SAKF International Kendo Seminar (14-16 Oct)

This year, we have an impressive host of both local and international Kendo sensei’s:

  • Uwe KUMPF (7th dan, Renshi) – Germany  <—– DELEGATION LEADER
  • Buster SEFOR (7th dan, Renshi) – South Africa
  • Markus FREY (7th dan, Kyoshi) – Finland
  • Nobuo MORIYA (7th dan, Renshi) – Japan
  • Thibault BRUNEL DE BONNEVILLE (7th dan, Renshi) – France
  • HongJum LEE (7th dan, Renshi) – Korea
  • Kazuko KUMPF (6th Dan) – Germany
  • Anthony HUGHES (6th dan) – South Africa


14-16 Oct 2016.

UJ Karate and Basketball Gymnasium Halls
University of Johannesburg Auckland Park
Bunting Road


Friday, 14 October 2016

Time Event
10:00 Sensei’s Training session
12:00 End
15:00 Special Squad Training Session
17:30 End
18:30 SEMINAR STARTS – Opening ceremony
18:45 Session 1:  Kihon
19:30 GiKeiko
20:00 Day 1 End

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Time Event
08:00 Registration
08:30 Welcome and Introductions
08:45 Warmup and Suburi
09:00 Session 2:  Kihon
10:30 Break
11:00 Session 3: Shiai Wazza / Kihon
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Session 4:  Shimpan Theory  + Practise
14:45 Break
15:00 Team Shiai
17:00 Gikeiko
17:30 Day 2 End

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Time Event
08:00 Registration
08:30 Warmup and Suburi
09:00 Session 6:  Shiai Wazza / Keiko-ho
10:30 Break
10:45 Session 7: Nippon Kendo Kata
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Session 8: Grade Examination up to 5th Dan
15:30 Session 9: Shiai Wazza
17:00 Seminar Closing
17:30 Certificates & Logistics
18:00 Day 3 End
19:00 Sayonara Party

NB: The agenda is subject to change without notice



Seminar Fee (ASF)  R            1 540  €                  85  $                110
Sayonara Party (ASP)  R               250  €                  16  $                  18
Team Competition (Per Team of max 5)  R               100
Seminar Fee for Scholars (SSF)  R               770  €                  43  $                  55
Sayonara Party for Scholars (SSP)  R               125  €                    8  $                    9
FAMILY RATES (seminar only)
1st Member 100% of Adult / Scholar  Rates
2nd Member 50% of Adult / Scholar  Rates
3rd Member or more 30% of Adult / Scholar  Rates
GRADING FEE Application  Fee Registration Fee Total
8th Kyu – 5th Kyu  R                  40  R                  60  R               100
4th Kyu – 2nd Kyu  R                  60  R                  90  R               150
1st Kyu  R                  90  R               140  R               230
1st Dan  R               140  R               210  R               350
2nd Dan  R               210  R               350  R               560
3rd Dan  R               350  R               560  R               910
4th Dan  R              560  R               840  R            1 400
5th Dan  R               840  R            1 260  R            2 100


1 October 2016

Please note: If you are an international visitor wishing to grade, you must have the proper authorization in the form of a written and signed letter to do so by your National federation.  This is to be emailed to the SAKF email address below by 1 Oct 2016.

MAIL info@sakf.co.za for more information and/or registration forms!

2016 Annual SAKF Seminar PROMO

NEED HELP! Annual SAKF Seminar 14-16 Oct 2016)

The Annual SAKF  seminar has been scheduled for 14-16 October 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The following sensei’s have already been confirmed to be attending:

  • Uwe KUMPF Sensei (7th Dan, Kyoshi) – Germany
  • Markus FREY Sensei (7th dan Kyoshi)  – Finland
  • Thibault BRUNEL DE BONNEVILLE  Sensei (7th dan) –  France
  • Kazuko KUMPF (6th dan) – Germany
  • Tony HUGHES (6th dan) – South Africa

It will be a jam-packed agenda over the 3 days that will cater for kendoka of all levels, including a kyu and dan grade examination, and an open competition for those in bogu!

Because of the high calibre of sensei’s that are going to be at this seminar, we anticipate a few international kendo players will be coming to this event too!

The expectation is also that most of our South African members will also be coming to the event, so please DIARISE these dates NOW!

HOWEVER, the implication is that that we are now on the HUNT for a bigger venue to host the event.

We require the assistance of ALL our members to please assist us in finding a suitable venue. The following venue criteria is required:

  • A venue with a hall that has a well-kept wooden floor with high ceilings, adequate lighting and is well-ventilated that can accommodate 80- 100 people;
  • Have 2 additional rooms at the venue that can accommodate +- 20-30 people (wooden floor and high ceilings preferable);

If you have a venue in mind, but not sure if it meets the requirements exactly, kindly let the SAKF know and we will conduct a site-visits!

With your assistance, we can make this one of our biggest and successful seminars yet!